Biotech companies produce products that benefit humans, such as medicines and therapies that may save lives, improve the yield of agricultural crops, and also produce green fuels and chemicals. Bioinformatics is also included, which is the study of biological processes and data. It is utilized in a variety of industries.

Biotech’s beginnings date back to the early 1970s, when recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) was invented and patent-protected. This technique allows scientists to splice genes within production cells, which then begin to produce useful protein molecules.

Biotechnology is a major component of the target-discovery programs of a majority of pharmaceutical companies today. Small companies also exist in the field of biotechnology that employ proprietary techniques to develop new therapeutic drugs.

Other biotechnology applications are being studied by companies that focus on agro biology cosmetics and the environment, food technology industrial biotechnology and nutraceuticals and veterinarian medicine. Fully integrated Pharma companies are massive commercial companies that study and produce branded or generic medicines.

Biotech is going through a transformation due to the development of new technologies. Companies are now able to test their platforms for conditions with known mechanisms, like sickle cell anemia, and also reach more patients. Some companies are even attempting to design novel therapies that address untreated diseases such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal illness.

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